After receiving an invitation from the Diocese of Dunedin on understanding why we do certain things at Mass and incorporating some of my songs into classroom prayer, I was motivated to compose this new collection of songs which are mostly based on Psalm.

The Psalm is always part of the liturgy during Mass following the first reading and we are encouraged to sing them.

It was Lent when I first began composing the music, 'Save Me' (Psalm 30) reflects this season as does 'Let My Tongue Be Silenced' (Psalm 137) and 'Alleluia' (Psalm 144) was composed during the Easter Season. The first two have that element of lamentation and the latter, thanksgiving and praise.

'Praise God in His Holy Place' (Psalm 150) was composed many years ago and also featured during the Easter Season. I have added an antiphon and adapted the style of music from the original. I like to include variation in musical styles and I am hoping 'It is Good to Give Thanks to the Lord' (Psalm 92) will appeal to a younger audience and enable them to experience a sense of joy.


Making Music to Your Name


  1. You Answered Me (Psalm 138)

  2. Alleluia (Psalm 144)

  3. It is Good to Give Thanks to the Lord (Psalm 92)

  4. Love is Prepared

  5. Let My Tongue be Silenced (Psalm 137)

  6. Acclaim the Lord Our God

  7. Save Me (Psalm 30)

  8. You Bless Me, Lord

  9. Praise God in His Holy Place (Psalm 150)

  10. Go Out, Go Now

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