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A deeper encounter with Christ

The figure of John the Baptist looms large in our Gospel today from Matthew 3:1-12. John knew that acknowledging one’s sinfulness and reforming one’s life was the way to prepare for the coming of the kingdom of heaven. He was not afraid to challenge those who were more interested in appearances than true conversion.

Conscious of our frailty, disappointments, hopes and concerns, we long to meet the one that John spoke of. The one more powerful than he was who baptizes with the Holy Spirit and with fire.

The Season of Advent is an opportunity for us to prepare and to welcome a deeper encounter with Christ.

In the light of the reading from Isaiah 11:1-10, Christ is the one who fulfills the prophecy enabling the wolf to live with the lamb- a tension we can often experience within ourselves. Christ enables us to befriend those sides of ourselves we would rather choose to deny. We are invited to trust that he wants us to be whole and integrated and that he wants that same integration within our families, relationships and environment. He challenges us to strive for a peace that is not a pipe dream that he alone can give.

Listen to 'Be still for the presence of the Lord' track 2 from 'Truly Blessed'

Blessings on your week.

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