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Come To Me

Matthew 11:25-30

Just take a few moments to collect your thoughts and be present to your own situation and context. Imagine Christ directing this simple invitation to you, ‘Come to me’. Maybe there is something weighing upon you personally or weighing upon someone you love. Sit quietly knowing Christ is with you and your situation.

Christ as always is concerned about those who are disempowered, the ones weighed down by heavy burdens, the ones he calls ‘mere children’……the clever and the learned miss out here, not because they are clever and learned but because they don’t see what Christ is offering, they don’t recognise what they really need and fail to see him for who he really is. People like this are deaf to his call and certainly blind to the struggles and sufferings of other people. It was the case he saw with the religious leaders of his day. That is why he tells the ones who are struggling to ‘Come to him.’

The ones who are harassed and dejected, the ones who are like sheep without a shepherd, the ones who see themselves as they truly are, the ones who have nothing to lose and understand that Christ’s words can somehow make their burdens lighter, they are the ones who respond to his invitation, it’s almost as if no explanation is needed and they see in him a gentleness and humility that is healing and a source of peace despite the burdens and trials they experience.

In our own case, Jesus doesn’t take the yoke from us, he asks us to shoulder it and to learn from him… face the challenges we encounter with a gentleness and humility ourselves rather than in a bitter and angry way or trying to blame other people or giving up on our responsibilities …….to bring that gentleness and humility to our relationships as well so the people we rub shoulders with can encounter that same Spirit of Christ through us and feel supported in the burdens they carry.

Whatever the burdens we are presently carrying to hear Christ indeed say to us ‘Come to me’ and to know in faith, we are not abandoned.

The song for this week is ‘Be Still for the presence of the Lord’ from the album ‘Truly Blessed’.

If you find these Sunday sharings and songs supportive or you know someone who would benefit from the messages contained in them you are most welcome to share them.

Have a great week.

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