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Genuine authority for the sake of others

Matthew 23: 1-12

Jesus challenges in the Gospel today some of the religious leaders who were great talkers, looked good from the outside but didn’t practice what they preached. It was all about them and their position. Jesus says we are all brothers and sisters. We are called to be servants to one another. From the greatest to the least. All authority belongs to God and it is to God that we owe our time and service. We are all his children, worthy of respect and deserve a listening ear and the opportunity to make a contribution. To use any authority we have to ensure that we listen to a diversity of voices not just those that agree with our point of view.

How many people in authority have been seduced by power and their position and fallen into the trap of serving their own interests and those who benefit from their approach rather than the people they have been called to serve?

When we put ourselves on a pedestal and begin to believe in our self importance we are in danger of being knocked down. When we choose to serve as a brother/sister to brothers/sisters, then we are likely to meet support, understanding and cooperation.

The recent synod I believe has attempted to do this and facilitate more of a listening Church.

Today’s Gospel, addressed to all of us, calls for integrity and honesty, where there is no pulling of rank or double standards. We are called to share what we have and are for the benefit of all.

Blessings on your week.

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Bartimaeus was a beggar

A man who couldn’t see

He heard Jesus was coming

He cried out ‘Pity me’

When the crowd told him

‘Be silent’

He shouted all the more

Jesus heard his pleading.

His sight he did restore

And a woman was a stranger

Her daughter was possessed

She begged Jesus to heal her

The Saviour was impressed

Despite her cultural difference

He listened to her need

He told her go home happy.

Your daughter has been freed.

They found their voice

And we can too

They made the choice

As we can do

And then another was a leper

Who pleaded on his knees

If you want to you can cure me

Get rid of this disease

Jesus touched the outcast and said

Be cured my friend

He couldn’t keep it secret

How could he in the end?

We make the choice

To speak our truth

We make the choice

To find our voice

There are voices that are silent

Ones we need to hear

And there are voices that are silent made to disappear

Help us Jesus with our choices to face the fears that keep us bound

We can jump up, run towards you

Find our voice and stand our ground

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