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I Am The Bread of Life - Part II

Last week I shared briefly on the song ‘I Am The Bread of Life’ and how I felt comforted by it the day after my Dad died. The Gospel for this Sunday continues with the ‘I Am the Bread of Life’ theme and I have taken the liberty of focussing on the anniversary of my Mum’s death.

August 14th is her 2nd anniversary. Mum was 96 when she died. Many of you will know that I was overseas at the time and last year I was away too. I am home this time and will be especially mindful of her this coming week.

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Remembering Mum

Mum and I didn’t always see eye to eye. We had our moments like most mothers and their children, but I am extremely grateful to her for so many things, her warmth, her love and the gift of faith she instilled in me. I still miss her.

It’s never easy when a loved one dies and all of us must face it. My thoughts and prayers go out to you if you are dealing with grief at this time.

Jesus reminds me again this week that ‘everybody who believes has eternal life’. I believe Mum is enjoying that reality and that it is my destiny too. What a gift our faith is? I have wonderful memories of driving with Mum, singing and harmonising in the car together. I still hear her voice.

I am extremely grateful for several songs we recorded over 20 years ago. We were home in Cambridge and turned one of the bedrooms into a recording studio. Mum was cooking with a tea towel over her shoulder. No fuss or standing on ceremony.

Thanks Mum.

Listen to us sing together on Track 11, ‘I Want to Sing With You, Mum’ from ‘Holy Land.’

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