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Into the Wilderness

Kia ora and greetings everyone. This is my first Sunday Sharing for 2021.

We have just experienced another lockdown in Auckland which again reminds us

of our vulnerability in today’s Covid environment.

Today is the 1st Sunday of Lent and the Gospel is taken from Mark 1:12-15.

Blessings as we enter this season once again. Where in our lives are we needing cleansing and refining in order to experience the healing and consoling presence of Christ?

Sometimes it is difficult for me to choose a song that specifically relates to the Gospel of the Day and I have repeated several songs in the two years doing this. I would like you to listen to a wide range of my material if possible and sometimes will simply choose a song and share with you how I came to compose it.

However, the song I have chosen for you to reflect on today is called ‘Come Away to a Lonely Place’ from Under Southern Stars and has a clear connection with the Gospel. Jesus is driven into the wilderness by the Spirit and he remained there for 40 days. Jesus was certainly experiencing a lonely place in the desert and we know from our reading of the Gospel he faced temptations and hardships while there building up his courage and resolve for the mission ahead.

‘Come Away to a Lonely Place’ is a line from John’s Gospel spoken by Jesus himself inviting his disciples to come away with him and to rest a while. I wrote the song while on retreat prior to my ordination. That is a good few years ago now. Despite the doubts and fears I had, Christ was encouraging me to come away, look to him and follow after him.

Christ knows and understands the temptations and hardships we experience. We are invited into the wilderness with him to build our courage and strengthen our resolve just as he did.

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