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Lazarus and the Rich Man

Today's parable is the only parable of Jesus in which the central figure is named. It is not

the rich man but Lazarus the poor man who is named and therefore given an identity and significance. Christ's eyes gaze upon the neglected and abandoned. It stands to reason that our eyes enlightened by Christ are focused here as well.

The meaning of the name Lazarus is 'God helps'. It is to people such as Lazarus who are welcomed and invited into the kingdom of God. In what ways do we need God's help?

Although Lazarus is described as being covered with sores, the rich man has the greater disease, blindness to this poor man at his gate. He fails to acknowledge Lazarus and cannot see beyond his world of comfort, fine clothes and fine dining.

May our eyes be outward looking and our hearts moved and open to the needs of those who are vulnerable around us.

Listen to 'Hard time' track 7 from 'Light in the Lockdown'. The song celebrates the work of St Vincent de Paul Societies and the people they support needing food parcels to get by.

Blessings on your week.

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