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Let my tongue be silenced, if I forget you

The title of my sharing this week will be familiar to many of you. It is taken from the response to this Sunday's Psalm 136(137).

The Psalm is a lament from those in exile and slavery in Babylon reminding themselves to never forget the holy city of Jerusalem where once they could sing freely 'the Lord's song.' Now they find themselves strangers in a foreign land and their hearts are heavy reflecting on what they have lost.

With our Christian eyes, we are encouraged to remember and to never forget what went on in Jerusalem too. 'God loved the world so much that he gave his only Son, so that everyone who believes in him may not be lost but may have eternal life.' The great feast of our salvation is almost upon us and we will take the time to remember, to celebrate and give thanks.

The song I have chosen for you this week is Psalm 136(137), 'Let my tongue be silenced,' track 5 from the album 'Making music to your name.'

As you listen to the Psalm and remember the precious gift of God's only Son may we remember too all those who continue to suffer in the Holy Land.

Lord help us turn towards your light and may the darkness and horror faced by your children and our brothers and sisters come to an end.

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