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Patient expectation

Advent encourages us to be patient. To wait, not nervously, but patiently. For sure, things sometimes seem dark in our own lives and situations, but the Advent Wreath says that the light of Christ has come - and that it will grow. We need to learn God's time.

For the Lord, ‘a day’ can mean a thousand years and a thousand years like a day. If we wait patiently, God will give us every good thing. We are encouraged to wait for Christ to be revealed. That can happen when we least expect it. Stay awake to how he wants to surprise us, how he wants to make himself known.

What is it that you long for? What is it you are waiting for? Healing, forgiveness, acceptance, family and friends, space, silence, God's reassuring presence. Perhaps you can name what you are longing for aloud and ask for the grace to receive that gift.

You might like to listen to 'Listen, Ponder' with Mum and I singing about Mary. The one who listened, pondered and treasured all those things happening to her and around her in her heart.

This was God's time and God prepared Mary to welcome his Son into our world and she was prepared to receive him. May Advent once again help us to be prepared to receive him Into our hearts and lives.

Blessings on your week and Happy Advent Season

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