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The thief and the burglar

When I read the Scriptures I don't usually focus on words like thief and burglar. The image is a bit negative for my liking and can instill a sense of fear. However, in our Gospel reading today taken from Luke 12:32-48 , Jesus encourages us to build up treasure that will not fail in heaven where no thief can reach it. In the following paragraph Jesus compares the coming of the 'Son of Man' at an hour you do not expect to a burglar breaking into a household. Jesus knew that these words would have an impact on his listeners. No one wants to be burgled. Keep alert, stay awake, be vigilant, be prepared, put things in place, the list goes on. We need these reminders.

I am relieved at the beginning of the Gospel that Jesus also says, 'There is no need to be afraid, little flock, for it has pleased your Father to give you the kingdom.' Let's hold onto that with gratitude. We have been given so much. Yes, it is important to be watchful and vigilant when it comes to the way we live and the choices we make but to always remember that we have someone looking out for us, always keeping watch over us, who has us in view when we go astray, seeking and searching us out. I think that is what we need to be constantly awake to and vigilant about.

Listen to 'Be still for the presence of the Lord' track 2 from the album 'Truly Blessed'

Please remember in your prayer and give thanks for my nephew, Adam Kirkeby, ordained priest for the Hamilton Diocese yesterday.

Blessings on your week

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