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A little Child

Our Gospel today is taken from Mark 9:30-37.

'Anyone who welcomes one of these little children in my name, welcomes me.'

Children were powerless and Jesus focuses on them to teach us about humility and guarding

against unhealthy competition. He reminds us that we are called to serve others rather than

wield our dominance over them.

Tragically this week in our country we have had two major incidents involving little children. Our prayers go out to the families and communities affected. I know we are still waiting for news regarding the children and their father in Marokopa, near Kawhia. Our emotions are heightened

when little children are involved because their lives have just begun and they hold so much potential.

May the Lord put his arms around these children and around all those whose hearts are anxious and broken. We give thanks for all the carers and search and rescue personnel.

I have chosen the 'Song of the Children' track 4 from 'A Place at the Table' for our reflection today.

Be gentle with me

I'm like a flower growing

I still need the time

to reach out towards the sun

I am but a child who needs a lot of care

Come stand along beside me

And guide me to the light............

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