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A New Commandment

Of course, Christ's commandment of love John 13:31-33, 34-35 is not new to us and then again it is always new. We've heard it before many times and yet it still continues to challenge us anew to live out in our daily lives.

Christ says that, 'I will not be with you much longer.' He is preparing his disciples for his going away but in giving his new commandment to love one another just as I love you, he is saying that his presence will always be with us because where there is love there is God. In seeing love lived out in us as his disciples of this generation others will see Christ living and active in us and know who we are and who it is we follow.

Can we allow Christ's invitation to penetrate our hearts in a fresh way today for the sake of others who need to experience Christ's love in their lives?

Listen to 'What love can do' track 6 from 'Truly Blessed'

See that man in front of you

And the woman at your side

The young girl who sits alone

And the boy who’s head is down

We don’t know the pain they carry

And we don’t know what love can do

There are smiles and conversations

To pass the time of day

and our thoughts about the weather

to have something to say

We don’t know the pain they carry

We don’t know what love can do

If we could see inside their heart

If we could understand their fear

If we could build a bridge for them to cross

We would see what love can do

We don’t know the pain inside

So let’s just say we can

And gently choose to walk beside ev’ry woman, ev’ry man

We don’t know the pain they carry

and we don’t know what love can do

At times this life is complicated

The way ahead seems dark and long

Perhaps our smile could make a diff’rence

Give some hope when hope is gone

We don’t know the pain they carry

We don’t know what love can do

And so for all those human stories

The ones too painful to expose

We can ask ourselves the question

What can love do?

Who knows?

Blessings on your week.

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