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All creation sings God's name.

Early this morning as I often do, I took a few moments to look over our balcony

and listened to the birds singing. They are about what they always do and 'in a sense' all is welll with the world. I am aware of the Creator and give thanks.

Today in the Church we celebrate the feast of the Trinity. The opening line of the Gospel is taken from Matthew 28:16-20- 'The eleven disciples set out for Galilee, to the mountain where Jesus hand arranged to meet them.'

God arranges to meet us in all kinds of circumstances. We simply need to be aware and be ready.

You may have arranged to meet with family and friends today. You may have arranged an outing you are looking forward to. You may have arranged to have a quiet day of rest and relaxation. Maybe other events beyond your control will take over. Whatever occupies you today and your week, God promises to be with us always. God who is a community of love has arranged a meeting with you.

Listen to 'All in All' taken from my collection entitled 'Ignatian Inspiration'.

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