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Happy Easter

I celebrated the Easter Vigil last night here in Auckland. It was a beautiful gathering of faith filled people witnessing the lighting of Easter fire, the lighting of the Paschal Candle the coming to the water and renewing our baptism, hearing the story of salvation history again and about Jesus Risen culminating in the sharing of the Eucharist. We were encouraged in the homily to never give up hope. Our world is desperately in need of hope. We are in need of that hope. Jesus Risen is the source of our hope even though we continue to live challenging lives and carry around our wounds. It was delightful meeting all the people and wishing them Happy Easter at the end of Mass. The smiles were contagious. May I wish you all the blessings and joy of Easter. Remember it is Easter Day for 8 days. We have plenty of time to celebrate.

I have chosen for you a new song again from YouTube. Click on the link below the picture of the full moon. 'The moon is full on our feast.' I am looking forward to spotting the Easter Moon.

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