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Happy Mother's Day

What an incredible Mother's Day gift for Haley Allatt this year having her little boy, Axle, safe

and sound after his ordeal overnight missing from his home in Tolaga Bay. It has been such a good news story finding the little boy and the kindness and concern shown by all those who went out searching for him.

Happy Mother's Day all round!!!

The month of May is dedicated to Mary and this month we will celebrate the feast of Mary as Mother of the Church. As we remember our own mother's today both living and dead, we celebrate and give thanks for the gift of Mary, her witness of faith, example of life and motherly concern for each one of us.

This Sunday's Gospel from John 15:9-17 has Jesus saying, 'You did not choose me: no, I chose you; and I commissioned you to go out and to bear fruit, fruit that will last....

This statement is true of Mary in a profound sense as Mother of Jesus, 'Blessed is the 'fruit' of thy womb.....and for all of us called by name and chosen to live the commandment of love.

Listen to my Mum and I sing Listen, Ponder 'O Maria' from 'Pilgrims of the Heart'

Listen, Ponder

Search for the meaning of life

and act like Mary did

Be open, ready, contemplate Mary

The Word will take flesh in our lives

O Maria

O Maria

Holy Mother

Pray for us

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