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He Is Risen


Stone rolled away

Body not there

Men in brilliant clothes

Confusion and fear among the women

He has risen

Remember what he told you

They remembered and the women gave witness to the Apostles and the others.

Women named and their story not believed

Peter ran to the tomb and was amazed by what he saw.

These are some of the marvellous aspects of Luke’s account of the Resurrection, many aspects common with the other evangelists.

he grave could not contain Jesus and the crucified one rises from the dead as he said he would. He is true to his promises and is true to us.

Today’s feast is a celebration of life, the life of Christ accessible to us here and now in the year 2019. Seeing him is the source of our joy and hope. Why we too are inspired to tell our brothers and sisters he is alive and to accept that for some people belief is difficult. It takes times, prayer and patience. For some unattainable.

Not to brag but given the glorious weather we have been having in Auckland it is not difficult to see the presence of the Lord and signs of life all around us.

I watched a couple paddle boarding the other day from the Mary MacKillop Centre, Mission Bay and people swimming enjoying the ocean and having fun. It’s a reminder that as Christians, we have access to the ocean of God’s love and life through his Word and Sacraments and in prayer.

I saw a father cradling his gorgeous baby girl in a papoose at the airport the other day and struck up a conversation with him. We are carried on eagles’ wings and carved into the palm of God’s hand.

I saw the seagulls darting and diving catching the wind currents. We are led by the spirit along the path of freedom and truth.

I saw family and friends eating out and enjoying each other’s company. We share in the life-giving body and blood of Christ when we gather for the Eucharist as a constant memorial of the events of Easter.

We often share our family stories and the special moments of our lives with family and friends and during the Easter Vigil last night for those able to attend in the firelight and candle light we heard the story of our salvation history. We raised our voices in song and saw each other’s faces, young and old, friends and strangers together, with our collective hopes and dreams, all there to give thanks and to celebrate the life of the risen Lord among us. And for those who have family and friends received into the Church through Baptism and Confirmation this Easter, we see in their faces the joy of belonging to the community of faith and touched by the hand of God. We are in the presence of the Risen Lord still very much alive and active working through us and in us.

When we look with the eyes of faith, we see amazing things. Christ endured the cross, he faced up to the jealousy, the narrow mindedness, the stubbornness and rejection from so many who wanted him destroyed. He kept the faith all the way through. His Resurrection is his vindication and ours. He is the light that shines in the darkness and the darkness did not overcome it. He is the light that shines in our darkness so beautifully symbolized in the Easter Fire and Easter Candle, Alleluia!

For your reflection and prayer listen to Psalm 144 Alleluia from ‘Making Music to Your Name’ and the ‘Dance of the Dolphin’ from ‘Under Southern Stars’ a song celebrating life and freedom true gifts of Easter.

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