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He is Risen

Last year we celebrated Easter Sunday in our garden trying to keep a social

distance from one another. This year we have attempted to bring something of our garden

into our chapel. The photo depicts our remote preparation on Holy Saturday with some of our garden flowers and shrubs getting ready for today. You will recall that Christ underwent his agony in a garden, was buried in a tomb in a garden and rose from the dead from that same place in a garden. Gardens for me are places of beauty and colour, but also death and dying and regeneration. Christ has destroyed death for ever and offers us the gift of eternal life, a coming to new birth in him. His journey gives meaning and purpose to ours. Things are not always perfect or neat and tidy in a garden just as in our own lives. The Risen Christ sees the big picture. We give thanks and rejoice for this beautiful day, this Easter day. We are people of hope because even now the promise of eternal life is being gifted to us. May we share that life generously with those we meet.

In the light of Easter Day, you may wish to listen to the title track from 'Like a beautiful Day'

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