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Holy Week 2021

Today marks the beginning of Holy Week with Passion Sunday otherwise known as Palm Sunday.

Last year because of lock down we celebrated Holy Week very differently, at home and in our bubbles. This year we are blessed to join our Christian brothers and sisters and commemorate the holiest time of the year in our various places and churches as we have so often before. We have learnt in the past year that our freedoms are precious and not to be taken for granted. Not all of us in the world will have the freedoms we enjoy this year.

Let's be mindful of each other and hold each other in prayer over these days as we give thanks to Christ who gave himself up for our sake. May we be open to the blessings and grace filled surprises of this week. The devotion and faith we witness in each other over these days is God's gift to us as we remember the suffering, death and resurrection of his Son.

On Holy Thursday we recall Jesus washing the feet of his disciples. He invites us to do the same for those we encounter. As we give him fitting worship this week we are reminded we are bowing down before him in all those we are called to serve.

We reverence O Lord your presence this hour

We reverence your mystery, your glory and power

And in your silence you witness in truth

That you came to serve not to be served

Just as you bowed and knelt wrapped in a towel

and washed the feet of those with you

Help us bow down before you

Bow down before you

Bow down before you

In your service O Lord

Listen to 'Bow down before you' from 'Holy Land'

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