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Home from overseas

Greetings everyone. I returned home to New Zealand last week having spent 3 and a half weeks in Rome at a Marist workshop for Marist formators( those working with seminarians). On my return, I had trouble connecting with the site that hosts my blog but all is working again. I wanted to touch base with you all to let you know I haven't fallen off the other side of the planet and will be resuming my Sunday Sharing in the second week of October.

I will be in Christchurch conducting a retreat for Mercy Sisters beginning next Monday and at the end of that giving a concert to support the Faith and Light Community at St Bedes College Chapel. I will be returning here at the beginning of October.

Given that we are in the Season of Creation which concludes on the feast of St Francis of Assisi, October 4th, you might like to listen to one of my new songs inspired by Pope Francis' letter, 'Laudato Si', on the care of our common home. I must say we are enjoying a beautiful spring day in Auckland as I write this. Our planet as you know is under strain and so many extreme weather events are affecting people throughout the world. We have a responsibility to care for our common home, we are connected and interdependent on all things and so much to be grateful for.

The photo above was taken at the kumara patch of our International Novitiate in Davao, Philippines. Pictured is Lachie from New Zealand, Pascal from Burundi, Alban from Benin and Mark from Togo. Please remember them in your prayer.

All created things

Objects of your love

Beings great and small

Sing your praise

All is precious gift

Everything that is

With our living breathe

We give thanks

Your caress

With tenderness

The soil, water mountains that we share

Beauty here

Drawing near

Help us hear

Your words of love

Build our common home

we are not alone

instruments of grace

in your hands

With your strength and light

aid our planet’s plight

hands and hearts unite

for the earth

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