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Knowing Our Place

I am suspicious of people who speak loudly and forcefully drawing attention to themselves with little substance behind their words.

John the Baptist, the focus of our Gospel today, taken from Matthew 3:1-12, seems to be a loud and forceful character but he does not draw the attention on himself. He declares that there is one who is to follow him that is more powerful and that he is not fit to carry his sandals.

This larger than life New Testament character knew his place, he lived it out with integrity and in doing so prepared the way of the Lord. He struck a chord with people.They saw their need for repentance.

May we be strong when we have to be but from a place of integrity and humility. Are we prepared to call out injustice?

Is what we say and do bearing fruit that builds rather than divides, draws people into a communion of love rather than fear and isolation, all signs of God's kingdom and making the path straight.

Each of us has a place and role to fulfill in bringing this about.

Listen to ‘Holy Land (Together as Pilgrims)' from the album ‘Holy Land'.

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