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Listening to the prophet's among us

The people who lived in Jesus' home town thought they knew all about him.

They couldn't get their head around the wisdom he expressed or the miracles he

performed and we are told in Mark's Gospel 6:1-6 that they could not accept

him. They closed themselves off from the life he was offering them and he was amazed by

their lack of faith.

Maybe people we know become very familiar to us and we can close ourselves off from

the insights and wisdom they possess. We think we know better. It's important to be surprised

and open to new ways and understanding even from the people we least expect. Otherwise, we could miss out on the wisdom Christ is wanting to share with us.

That person could be a family member, someone younger, someone older, a colleague, someone close, someone struggling, someone experienced, someone questioning and searching, someone challenging the status quo, someone saying things that can upset or disturb the way we've always seen things. Prophetic people have a way of doing that.

Jesus, said to them, 'A prophet is only despised in his own country, among his own relations and in his own house.'

Lord, help us to listen and be open to the prophets among us.

Listen to 'Listening' track 2 from 'A Place at the Table'

An excerpt from 'Listening'

Because we stand in different places

All of us have much to learn

An open door to love

Will let the sunshine through

Although we will be challenged

And sometimes feel unsure

To listen with respect will achieve much more

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