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Mass from our Seminary Chapel

Greetings everyone as we continue to experience Level 4 restrictions in this country. I know other places too are facing restrictions and the pandemic continues to be at the forefront of

many news feeds. Of course our thoughts and prayers are with the people of Afghanistan too in the plight that many of them are having to face.

Regarding Covid, there will be some relief for some of us around the country from next Wednesday on. That is good news and we do hope that the sacrifices we are making will bear fruit soon in the Auckland region. For all those affected we hold them in prayer too especially

the fear and anxiety that can overcome us when loved ones are sick.

For my Sunday Sharing this week, I thought I would post the Youtube link of this Sunday's Mass from our seminary chapel. I hope you find peace and solace in the readings, prayers, offerings and message contained there. Blessings everyone.

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