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Passion Sunday

Jesus enters Jerusalem and he enters our street

Sr Anne Powell of the Cenacle Sisters on the Kapiti Coast sent me a reflection on Christ’ entry into Jerusalem in the light of what is happening for us during this time of COVID 19. She has kindly agreed that I could share it with you this morning.

She begins by quoting Patrick J Murphy...

Jesus comes into your city or town at this time of COVID 19.

He enters into a place of desertion and isolation.

He sees people shut in behind their windows. He hears silence, not adulation.

He meets no children excitedly waving branches.

It is like street theatre with no body watching.

In the Gospel extract I just read for you from Matthew 21:1-11, some of the people asked, ‘Who is this?’ Others answer by saying, ‘This is the prophet Jesus from Nazareth in Galilee.’

We could sit for a few moments now and respond to that question of who Christ is for us.

Through your imagination you can picture him coming into your street…. your home

What do you notice about Jesus?

Become aware of how you feel on seeing him.

What might Jesus mean by this solitary action… coming unprotected into your deserted town?

Does he see the street signs? Walk solo. Keep two metres apart. Stay at home especially if you’re over 70 or have compromised health. Don’t mix with others outside your bubble….

“Hosanna to the One who comes in the name of the Lord… Hosanna to the king!

So, what kind of a “king” is he? 

This is vulnerable Jesus whose heart is breaking.

This is Jesus who craves human touch and comfort at this time on the edge of his passion and death.

This is Jesus who wept at the death of his friend, Lazarus.

This is Jesus who talked about seeds, bread, fish, vines, children and being just, forgiving and loving to one another.  This is Jesus who shared food.

This is Jesus who slept on that cushion in the boat during a storm while the disciples grew panicked and fearful.

Invite Jesus into your home today, or wherever you are. Invite him into your centre.  

Think of how he understands what you are going through at this time of COVID 19.

Ask him for what you or our world  needs today as we enter into a different kind of Holy Week- one of isolation, fear and more aloneness than we’d ever anticipated… but a Holy Week journey in which we believe there are the seeds of hope and justice, kindness and love. Seeds that can transform the world.

Thanks Anne

I would like to share with you today for our music reflection, Psalm 30 ‘Save Me’ from ‘Making Music to Your Name’. It is a Psalm used on Good Friday. It is not difficult to hear the voice of Jesus in this Psalm as he faced rejection and condemnation leading to his arrest and Crucifixion. Knowing that he is with us and that we are united with him, we perhaps can hear our own voice, the voices of those around us and around the world dealing with suffering and sorrow.

Blessings and hope as you journey with Jesus during these days.

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