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The Blessed Trinity

A communion of persons. A Communion of love.

Marcus Adams was one of the Twentieth Century's greatest children's photographers.  He was often asked to speak at various functions and on one occasion he said, "There is a power inside us human beings, and we can find it for ourselves, and embrace it as part of our everyday living.  Some people begin discovering this awesome power through nature.  Go and sit in a field on a summer's day and just look at a daisy.  If you are not filled with wonder at the Power that created that flower, you may never find it."

Today we celebrate ‘the Trinity’- that community of Persons, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, the power we believe created the wonder and intricacy of our being, our earthly home and the mystery and expanse of the universe.

We can both worship and talk with God because God loved the world so much and gave his only Son. Our faith in and relationship with Christ gives us that right, gives us that confidence. Christ in calling us his friends has enabled us to be caught up in the very life and love of God we call the Trinity. The God we worship, who created the world and all its creatures is accessible to us and is at home in us.

Can you remember a time recently when you experienced something of God’s presence, something that moved you? That took you to another place, perhaps led you to pray in silence, to stop and think for a while? To wonder and to give thanks? That made you smile on the inside and the outside? Can you think of something like that?

I remember baptizing a 4-month-old baby girl. As I was anointing her and praying the words of the ritual, she looked at me so attentively as if she knew what was happening, hardly like a baby at all. Her Mum was captivated by it as I was. However, after the baptism I kissed the wee girl on the cheek, she started to cry like a real baby after all. Moments of grace are all around us.

Perhaps we get a slight yet significant glimpse of the life and the intimacy that exists within the Trinity when we do all we can to preserve the unity among us despite our differences and when we acknowledge each other’s dignity. We symbolically do that at every Eucharist when we give each other the sign of peace.

The song I suggest for you to listen to today is ‘God made us for love,’ from ‘Chants for Silence’. The dynamism, passion and love that exists between the persons of the Trinity overflows transforming us into the very image and likeness of God and we are part of that outpouring.

The opening verse goes like this,

‘From silent fire

Light burst through the darkness

Divine desire broke into the empty void

God’s passion created ours

As if a million flowers turned towards the sun all at one time.’

May you be blessed today and always in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

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