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The Commandment of love

There are so many expressions of love all around us. Our hearts are uplifted when we witness those signs of love. Our love for God, for our neighbour and for ourselves are interconnected and interdependent. Ultimately, of course flowing first from the heart of God whose gaze towards us in love is assured.

Perhaps today we can focus on what is challenging that call to love which Christ makes to us in the Gospel from Matthew 22:34-40. Our trust in God's love may be on shakey ground, our trust in others who have let us down and a negative view of ourselves maybe preventing us reaching out in love. We can pray for the grace to be renewed in love.

You may wish to listen to 'Let love free' track 5 from 'Holy Land'. I have posted the lyrics for you to follow.

You are loved

You are gifted

Silence those voices that say otherwise

Stand in the light

Let the sun warm your heart

Even the parts of you you’d rather ignore

And let love carry you, and let love cradle you, and let love nurture you and let love free

Formed by love

In your mother’s womb

Embrace the power of such tender love

Into the light

That place where dreams come true

The heart of all hearts is beating for you

Let that love carry you, let that love cradle you, let that love nurture you and let love free

Let love with bright wings

From which all hope springs

Bless you in all things

And give you peace


You are loved

Let your love go free

Out into places

For your love to be

Holding the light

The light that has guided you

Lead you to find a love to believe

Let that love carry you…….

Blessings on your week

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