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The Power to Build Bridges

I don’t need to remind many of you that it is March 15th and a year since the dreadful shootings in Christchurch last year. There has been a lot in the media leading up to today.

The two songs I wrote in response to that tragedy including the one that Fr James Lyons penned, you may have heard but I draw your attention to them again on this day. The explanation of the two songs is also included.  Let’s continue to pray for the families of those killed and who still suffer trauma from what happened and for a growth in understanding and respect for cultural and religious practice and differences.

The Gospel for this Sunday taken from John 4:5-42 is about Jesus and the Samaritan woman at the well and as the story states Samaritans and Jews did not associate. Jesus cuts across that taboo and speaks with her and there is a beautiful encounter between them.

Dialogue, conversations and sharing of stories bring people together. We share a common humanity to be honoured and treasured. We have the power to choose love and build bridges or to allow our fears and prejudice to create divisions.

Listen to We are You and Garden on the Street as an act of solidarity with the Muslim Community today. May peace reign in our hearts.

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