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'This is my Son, the beloved, listen to him.'

Mark presents us with his account of the Transfiguration this Sunday, Mark 9:2-10.

Hearing towards the end of the Gospel from Jesus about the Son of Man rising from the dead and Peter, James and John discussing among themselves what 'rising from the dead' could mean, we can see why such a Gospel has relevance for us in this time of Lent as we make preparation for the great feast of Easter. How much water has gone under the bridge discussing our faith, our Church and our Christian lives with those who care to share and listen?

Peter, James and John heard and we hear as the Gospel is proclaimed the voice from the cloud that Jesus is 'my Son, the Beloved, listen to him.' There is such intimacy and communion here. It's as if God is saying, My voice is his voice. When he speaks, I speak. 'Listen to him.'

If we take a brief moment now we can ask for the grace to hear and listen to the voice of Christ within us and wait patiently for his response. It may simply be a gentle reassurance that, 'I am here.' It may often be favourite Scripture phrases that come to mind, 'Come to me.' 'You are mine.' 'Don't be afraid, I am with you.' Other times it may be a challenge to forgive, to act justly or to take time with someone in need.

Of course, Christ speaks to us through other people and we are imitating Christ when we sincerely take the time to listen to the voice of another. Belonging to families and communities provide numerous opportunities to put this into practice. Synodality within our Church too is inviting us to open ourselves to listen to one another even to those things that may be difficult to hear. In our war torn world some people are not prepared to listen to the voice of another and exhort to violence to exert their worldview and domination. Why should I listen to you? You have nothing worth listening to. 'What a indictment on our World to blot our the voices of those suffering in Gaza. 'These are my beloved sons and daughters, listen to them.'

You may be familiar with my song, 'Listening.' The lyrics are below for you to reflect on. Click on the highlighted word to listen to the song, track 2 on my album, 'A Place at the Table.'



Listen to the sounds worth hearing

The morning chorus of the birds

The silence of the heart

And the music within

Listen to the human longing

For feelings we connect and weave

Listen like the dawn and be willing to receive

Then we will dance

Then we will sing

And be present to each other in all that we bring

For we are life’s companions

With wisdom and with faith

And there’s power, power in listening.


Listening is the power the world needs

Not the kind of power that makes us bleed

Listening is the soil we plant the seed

Come into the garden

Because we stand in different places

All of us have much to learn

An open door to love

Will let the sunshine through

Although we will be challenged

And sometimes feel unsure

To listen with respect will achieve much more

Blessings on your week.

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