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We Matter

Luke 15:1-32 When we encounter silence and take time out to pray, we seek the company of Jesus.

In a sense we need no words but just to be with him and allow him to be with us.

It’s as if we are the only one in the world and Christ is totally focused and intent on us in this moment of time. We can often pass judgement on ourselves, other people and situations in our life but Christ never does any of that. He is simply present and welcoming and wanting to be with us because each of us matters to him.

‘The tax collectors and sinners sought the company of Jesus to hear what he had to say’, taken from today’s Gospel reminds me of those encounters in prayer and how much we matter despite all the things we struggle with and all the things we think we lack. We need to hear a different voice, the voice of Christ. What do each of us need to hear from him today particularly?

Jesus goes on to share with his listeners 3 parables, the lost sheep, the lost coin and the lost son. These parables remind us that Christ is the one who seeks us out and always does no matter the perilous paths we may take in our lives because we matter to him.

The challenge to us of course is to imitate his heart, to welcome ourselves in the way he welcomes us, to welcome other people in the way he welcomes them as he sat at table and ate with the tax collectors and sinners.

This week’s song is ‘The One’ from ‘A Noble Work’.

‘With God’s only Son, it’s all about the one, it’s all about the one who goes astray.’

Each of us is that ‘One’.

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