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Welcome Home

Luke 10:38-42

Hospitality and friendship feature in today’s Gospel.

Martha and Mary welcomed Jesus into their home at Bethany. He enjoyed their friendship and hospitality. They deeply appreciated his presence and friendship.

Perhaps today we can focus on Christ’s friendship and presence in our lives. To ask for the grace of his healing presence and reassurance.

Christ wants to connect with us. In our heart of hearts, we want to connect with him.

But sometimes there maybe something preventing us from opening the home of hearts to him?

Christ’s welcome and hospitality towards us knows no bounds. Let’s take a moment to sit at his feet

as Mary of Bethany did and give thanks for the welcome he extends to us and rest for a while in his presence.

This week’s song is taken from ‘Truly Blessed’ and is called ‘All Are Welcome Here’.

All Are Welcome Here

All are welcome here

All are welcome here

Christ invites us as we are.

All are welcome here.

Our weakness and our pain

Our sorrows and our shame

Christ invites us each by name

All are welcome here

In this place there is no room for judgement

In this place there is no room to condemn

We are all on this journey together

Welcome in, Welcome in

Our troubles and our cares

Our failings through the years

Christ desires to calm our fears

All are welcome here

Despite what some may say

Despite what some may do

Christ is standing at the door

And his welcome is true

In this place there is no room for judgement

All are welcome here…..

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