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With A Lively Spirit

We often talk about someone’s generous, lively, or calming spirit. It’s that life force in them that we recognize, are attracted to and engage with. Jesus in the Gospel reminds us about the Advocate, the Spirit of truth that is God’s gift to us. That Spirit with us and in us. One could say it is the life force of Christ himself who lives in us. It is his Spirit that sustains and animates us. His Spirit that motivates us and inspires us in faith, hope and love.

When we are attached to Christ in love, we reveal his presence or Spirit to others in unique and life-giving ways.

I have spoken previously about Captain Tom Moore, the centenarian, who raised millions of dollars, much to his surprise, for the National Health Service in the UK. I was touched by his spirit. His simple, kind gesture of walking the length of his garden up and down 100 times to mark his turning 100 years of age. I was moved by his spirit of determination and strength of will to push himself in such a way. We were all wanting him to succeed and succeed he did.

For those who may not have seen my Youtube clip, the song this morning is a tribute to Captain Tom Moore and the unique gift of his spirit that he shared with us. He reminds us of other people in our lives who have shared their unique spirit with us and uplifted our own.

Others will be grateful to us too and the spirit we share.

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1 Comment

May 16, 2020

Lovely song to recognize Captain Moore. Thanks.

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