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The response to the Psalm today is 'The Lord is kind and merciful'. We can personalize that refrain by repeating, 'Lord you are kind and merciful to me' despite my sinfulness, my weakness, my constant failings. Where would we be without that realization?

Standing in that reassuring and comforting light, the challenge of Jesus to love our enemies in Luke 6:27-38 has a way of becoming a reality because we have experienced love beyond measure poured into our laps.

Anger, bitterness, hurt can fester within us and block our ears from truly listening to the Lord's command.

Jesus, come into those relationships and areas of our lives that we find difficult to accept and reconcile. Forgive us for the times we have judged others and made excuses for our own actions.

Your Word today speaks to the situation within our own country with the tensions surrounding Vaccine Mandates and on the World stage with the heightened tensions on the border of Ukraine and Russia. May your Word find a home in us.

Listen to 'Loved Sinners' track 9 from 'Holy Land'

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