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Brothers and Sisters in Christ

Updated: 5 days ago

Sometimes we may feel more at home and free to share our faith with someone we hardly know than a close family member. The language of the Spirit unites us and draws us together. We experience what it means to belong to the Christian family that Jesus refers to in this Sunday's Gospel from Mark 3:20-35. Jesus asks the question, "Who are my mother and my brothers?" He is not referring to his blood relations but to all those who do the will of God. They are now the ones who make up his family.

Recently, I had a beautiful conversation with a faith filled older man about his family. They had grown closer together and more at home with each other. An unknown family circumstance had come into the light which enabled them to be more open and accepting. His honest and sensitive sharing inspired me and I felt connected in faith to him. He was indeed my older brother in faith. Of course this does not take away from our immediate family but it illustrates a much wider family we belong to. Those faith based relationships and the communion we experience in Christ as brothers and sisters are at the heart of the Church.

You may like to listen to 'We are Christ' from the album, 'Serenity.'

Hearts of welcome

Hands of care

Gifts we offer and share

In the spirit of the one who dwells among us

With our stories and our truth

With our wisdom and youth

We find power and the source of inspiration


We are one with the Son

And we build our communion by our faith,

by our hope, by our love

When we serve those in need and we stand with each other

In our words, in our deeds, we are Christ


Like a family we belong

And in singing our song

We give thanks for all the life that we are living

From the babies to be born

To the loved ones we mourn

We are cherished every step along the journey


We are one with the Son…….

Blessings on your week.

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1 Comment

Miriam Millgate
Miriam Millgate
Jun 09

Dear Fr. Chris. Once again, your sharing has been so very perfect in time - it has to be God's doing! Thank you so very much for your obvious openness to God in your little weekly message that I look forward so very much to receiving. I love it when I can sing along to a familiar hymn that I have been playing for years from my Chris Skinner CD collection. Thank you! And may your week be filled with God's blessings. Miriam

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