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Celebrating Matariki

This is an earlier sharing than normal because tomorrow in Aotearoa/New Zealand we celebrate, for those who may not be aware, Matariki, which is a public holiday. This will be my sharing for the week. The appearance of the Matariki cluster of stars ushers in the Maori New Year. I have just come from a beautiful Mass and gathering at Whanau Maria (home to Logos and other Marist groups) here on Ponsonby Rd acknowledging Matariki. The kai we shared together included a delicious watercress soup and fried bread. Towards the end of the meal we sang good old favourites, Tutira mai nga iwi, Pokarekare ana and Te Aroha to name a few. It was a gathering fitting for all kinds of gatherings around the country tonight and tomorrow and over the weekend where friends and whanau get together to look back over the past year, look forward to what the new year may hold and to remember loved ones who have died. Of course sharing kai and singing waiata. I hope for those who have the opportunity for time off that

you have a peaceful and relaxing day among family and friends.

I share again a song inspired by and adapted from a poem of Fr James Lyons of Wellington entitled Matariki, track 20 on 'Songs Commissioned'. Keep scrolling down from the right hand side of the tracks if 20 doesn't immediately appear.

This is Fr James' poem


You shine the brightness of joy

You carry the light of rebirth

You sew hope with your star-lit braid

And keep watch on the wonder of earth


Matariki Pleiades

Gift to our Southern Sky

Faithfully guiding -

Teaching and caring -

Our path through the starkness

Of night


Luminous daughters of Atlas

Glittering gems in the dark

Friends to all iwi and whanau

Guarding the harvest of life


Matariki Pleiades.…


A New Year in Maori tradition

You shine this time to nurture

By our care for the world and each other

There is hope for a star-studded future


Blessings on your day, weekend and the week ahead

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