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Corpus Christi

(click on title to go to album 'A Noble Work' and scroll down to listen to song)

Lord you are present to us

And we are present to you

Through this holy anointing

A Blessed Communion renew

God you visit your people

Do not our hearts rejoice?

Help us sit with the silence

And listen for your voice

Blessed Communion our hearts are burning

Our world is yearning and longing for you

Welcome the stranger

Into the circle of love

For in communion there’s room for all

Through this communion we share

Teach us to recognise

Your real and living presence

In our brothers and sisters eyes

May our every encounter

be mutual moments of grace

Help us truly discover

The image of your face

This song is fitting for the feast today of Corpus Christi.

It speaks to me of presence and encounter, thanksgiving and hospitality, longing and inclusion.

You will have other insights. You may like to sit silently with what emerges for you and give thanks for the the various communions you experience in your life, all signs of God's communion with us.

Today's Gospel is taken from Mark 14:12-16, 22-26 where Jesus shares the gift of his body and blood with his disciples. That gift of course has been handed down to us and is available to us when we celebrate the Eucharist together. We celebrate a blessed communion in him and bring all we are, those we love and all those Jesus includes and welcomes to the feast.

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