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Facing Ourselves Honestly and Humbly

Many people in New Zealand will be emotionally rung out after the loss in the Rugby

World Cup match last night to England. The 3-peat was not to be. Through it all

we have been entertained by some great rugby matches and we are grateful to the All Blacks for

giving us those and other teams too who played outstandingly.

Of course, we love to win, and we can get used to it. However, this time we need to be humble in defeat.

Rugby was not in the Lord’s consciousness when he told the parable of the Pharisee and the tax collector which is today’s Gospel from Luke 18:9-14 but being humble was.

It is not about thinking that we are better than anyone else, more virtuous, talented, hardworking, more aware and wise as if it all depended on us and our own strength. It is about realising that we are made of the same stuff as everyone else with our limitations, weakness and unredeemed sides.

The Pharisee was a blow hard, blew his own trumpet and belittled the tax collector and saw him as a no-hoper. The tax collector on the other hand acknowledged his need for mercy and his need for God. His eyes were turned towards God. The Pharisee’s eyes were turned towards himself.

Perhaps, we can take some time today to acknowledge our need for mercy and need for God.

Christ looks at us with eyes of compassion and forgiveness. May we look at other people that way.

An appropriate song for this week is ‘A Place For Me’ from ‘A Noble Work.’

Jesus ate with sinners

Seems there’s a place for me

He cast out the demons

Seems there’s a place for me

If I wander on the edges

Afraid and out of place

Jesus walks there with me offering his grace.

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