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Gracious and abundant hospitality

We are very fortunate to have a cook at our place who prepares beautiful meals for us.

Visitors to our community are high in praise and we ensure our cook receives the accolades she deserves. There is something affirming and a sense of satisfaction about offering hospitality to those who share our table. It is a unifying and familiar experience.

Christ is the ultimate host and provider in today's Gospel from John 6:1-15

when he feeds the the five thousand.

He invites us today to sit down with him and to allow him to feed us. That food will be presented to us in various ways. It maybe a word of encouragement, an invitation from friends, an experience of beauty and the outdoors or the scriptures themselves touching the depth of our being. For some of us it will be the reception of the Eucharist when we gather with other believers.

May our response be one of humble thanks to have had the privilege to share in such hospitality and share with others from the abundance we have received.

Listen to track 6 'Remember me' from Chants for Silence.

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