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Holy Week 2022

During Friday's of Lent we alternate between Lectio Divina and the Stations of the Cross.

This past Friday we prayed the Stations through the eyes and consciousness of Mary. You may be familiar with that particular version.

When it came to taking Jesus down from the cross, Michelangelo's Pieta is a powerful image that is etched into the minds and hearts of many Christians. I recalled that image again but I also recalled a news item some days ago of a mother who's only son was killed in Ukraine. She was devastated and wept bitterly in her grief.

As Mary held the lifeless body of her son the connection of the woman who had to pick up the lifeless body of her son, put him in a wheelbarrow and take him to his place of burial which she had prepared was profound. She had no coffin but wrapped him in a carpet. What Mary went through continues to be experienced by so many women and men too who have witnessed the horrific deaths of their children. Mary understands their grief and I believe even if they are unaware of her presence, she stands and weeps with them.

As we begin this most sacred time of the year, we know that Christ faced head on the power of evil. That evil is still a reality but we know and believe that it's power has been defeated and will never have the last word. So many people down the centuries have witnessed to that fact by giving of their own lives for the sake of Christ, his goodness, his justice and mercy.

May we enter into this week, renewing our own hope and trust in the one who continues to save us and our World.

Christ Crucified, have mercy on us.

Listen to 'Save me' track 7 from 'Making Music to your Name'

Blessings during this Holy Week.

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