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'Increase our faith'

Luke 17:5-10

I can relate to the apostles calling on the Lord to increase their faith. They ask for this increase

just after Jesus speaks about forgiveness. Forgiving someone after they have hurt us perhaps repeatedly is a huge challenge. The opposite of course, harbouring resentment and bitterness is not the answer either.

We do need an increase in faith to deal with the challenges of our lives. The Apostles realized they couldn't achieve how Christ was inviting them to live without faith. And it is something

we need to constantly ask for and renew.

Even if we think our faith is weak, Jesus is saying even a little faith is powerful and can go a long way.

Our faith of course is founded in Christ and he is always faithful. It is in him we have utter confidence.

Listen to 'You answered me' from 'Making Music to Your Name'

Blessings on your week

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