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Into the Wilderness

We have begun the Season of Lent and in our Gospel from Matthew 4:1-11, we witness Jesus being led by the Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted by the devil. As we accompany Jesus over these days of our Lenten Observance, grateful for what he endured for our sake, we know that Jesus journey's with us. He understands us completely, because he himself has been there.

This weekend I have been in Nelson performing my music for and with the Faith and Light Community. People with intellectual disabilities certainly have their challenges along with their families but they bring a joy and honesty to their lives and the lives of others around them. We all have disabilities of one kind or another, known and unknown, which can weigh heavily upon us. As we enter into another Season of Lent may we turn towards Jesus openly and honestly and in joy knowing that we are 'Loved Sinners'.

Loved Sinners track 9 Holy Land

We gather here loved sinners Lay our burdens down Although we are unworthy Kiss the holy ground Loved beyond all telling This we can confess And hear him gently calling Come to me and rest

Life and mercy, Lord Lead us to your door Grace us with the will to sin no more We bow our heads in prayer And humbly kneeling here Give thanks to you Loved sinners His mercy, friends, his mercy Feel it in your bones When anger takes possession Throw away the stones When guilt and fear consume you Telling you such lies Just seek the one who heals you Look into his eyes. Life and mercy, Lord…… For yes, we are loved sinners See the wounds he bore Let nothing false deceive us. His life and peace restore For sinners loved so deeply This we can proclaim Accept his love completely And never be the same.

Blessings on your week as we continue to keep all those affected by the floods in prayer.

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