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Listening to the prophets

We generally find it difficult to listen to the prophets in our lives because they can make us feel uncomfortable, they challenge the status quo and even our world view.

On the world stage many people who have been prophetic and challenged unjust systems and regimes have been assassinated.

The people in Jesus' hometown couldn't accept him because they had already made up their minds about him. They knew him or so they thought. "Is he not the Carpenter, the son of Mary.....and they would not accept him." What a missed opportunity!

Lord Jesus, help us to hear your voice and the voices of those who speak in your name even if we feel uncomfortable and encouraged to think and act differently.

My song 'Human' celebrates prophets

There are people in our world

Like torches in the night

They light a path of hope

And stand for what is right

They face adversity while others would despair

They challenge us to be what others never dare


They are movers, believers, healers

They are lovers, they’re fighters, dreamers

And they are human, so very human

And it’s human we’re meant to be


There are people in our world

With passion in their eyes

And wisdom on their lips

And power in their lives

They walk the journey too

The torrents have been crossed

With mountains still to climb

Their dream is never lost.


They are movers……….


It’s not for glory, for power, or gain

It’s not their ego

The money or fame

It’s for the present

It’s for the future

And for us to fan the flame 

Blessings on your week

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