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New Songs added to my website

For your information, I have added 3 new songs to my 'Songs Commissioned Album'.

Hata Maria is a song composed to acknowledge St Mary of the Angels, Wellington, becoming the National Shrine of Our Lady under the title of her Assumption. Bishop Pompallier dedicated Aotearoa New Zealand to Our Lady assumed into heaven in 1838 on his arrival in the Hokianga.

A new icon has been written to commemorate this event and will be placed in the Church on the feast day, August 15th, 2022. The icon has been taken on tour to various parishes and significant sites throughout the country for a year.

Matariki is a song composed to acknowledge the new public holiday we enjoyed for the first time this year. Fr James Lyons sent me his poem entitled 'Matariki' which I have adapted and put to music with the support of Phil Madsen. Phil is the guitarist and backing vocalist on the song.

Celebrate (Whakanuia) is a song celebrating Catholic Education, the students, teachers and all involved within the school communities.

Special thanks to all those who commissioned and encouraged these new compositions and to Peter van Gent my producer for his skill and musicianship in bringing them to life.

Click on 'Songs Commissioned' and scroll down to tracks 19, 20, 21 to listen to brief excerpts of the songs. If you wish to purchase and download any of the songs click on the price and follow the prompts.

I hope you enjoy and appreciate the new compositions, find them helpful and uplifting.

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