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"Peace to this house!"

The title of today's sharing is taken directly from the Gospel for this Sunday,

Luke 10:1-12,17-20.

Jesus sent out his disciples and instructed them to let these words be the first words

they said when entering a house.

When involved in a house blessing these words are the first we say according to the little ritual.

These words of course we all need to hear, Peace to this house, peace to this heart, peace to this family, this situation, this county, this world. As disciples of Jesus we are called to be facilitators of that peace in the situations we find ourselves in. We know that some people will welcome our peace while others will not. Jesus encourages us to move on if people refuse to accept the peace we desire to offer. You may readily think of situations in your own life where you have received the cold shoulder. We do our best but will not always achieve the end we desire.

Someone shared with me recently about being a 'piece of God'. The image came to her because someone else had said to her that 'I want to be a spark of love' . I was deeply moved because it revealed to me the dignity and responsibility we have as disciples of Christ. We are 'pieces of God' sent out to share God's life and mission for the world.

For us to share the peace of Christ we first need to have welcomed the peace of Christ into our hearts. May that peace be yours today.

Listen to 'Peace' track 1 from 'There is no Distance'

We continue to pray for Ukraine, Sri Lanka, Colombia, Afghanistan, The Yemen, Bangladesh, the list goes on.........."Peace to this house"!

Blessings on your week.

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