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Rough, rough, the sea can be rough.

The title of this week's sharing is a lyric from, 'Mary, said yes.' It connects with our Gospel, the calming of the storm from Mark 4:35-41.

I was particularly drawn to the line, 'The disciples took him just as he was in the boat.' How do you react to these words? What comes to mind for me is authenticity, simplicity, no baggage which links with detachment and integrity. In a sense this enabled Jesus to sleep soundly when the storm was raging. He knew who he was. The disciples forgot who they were and who it was in the boat with them and they were afraid. They cry out, 'don't you care that we are going down?'

May the words of the Gospel strengthen and encourage us in what we are facing in our lives.

Blessings on your week.

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