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The Body and Blood of Jesus

Today's post is a little earlier than normal due to my being away from my home computer for most of the week and I was unable to schedule the post for a number of days in advance. My apologies.

The photograph of the Eucharist above was taken in Fiji recently. What a privileged people we are to share in the Body and Blood of Jesus. When we gather around the table of the Lord knowing that all of us are in need of the real food and drink that Jesus provides to satisfy our hunger and our thirst we our transformed into the very body of Christ. In turn we are called to share with others the Communion we share.

When we share in each others stories and stand alongside each other in both our joys and sufferings the Eucharist touches us in profound ways. Jesus is truly present to us and desires to be one with us healing, reconciling, encouraging and giving life to us. In gifting us his body and blood broken and poured out for us, he is with us and we are with each other in him. We are invited to be healers, reconcilers, people who encourage and give life to others as he did.

The song I have chosen for you to listen to and be encouraged by is 'Blessed Communion' from

' A Noble Work'

Blessings on your week

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