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The Image of a Sparrow

Christ reveals to us that The Father knows each one of us intimately. He knows what we are going through and that we are precious to him. He is on our side and despite the challenges we face now all will come out into the light. Nothing can be hidden from God.

I love watching the sparrows hop along the balustrade of our veranda in the morning waiting to be thrown any leftover toast from breakfast. Jesus today in Mathew 10:26-33 uses the image of the tiny insignificant sparrow to teach us that God is aware and concerned about us. There is no need to be afraid because you are worth more than hundreds of sparrows he says. And every hair on your head has been counted.

I have heard people ask the question, how can God be really concerned about me and what I am going through when there are so many problems and issues in the world?

Jesus is letting us know that if we are feeling isolated, got at, ridiculed, even attacked God is alongside us taking our part.He utterly trusted in his Father and calls us to do the same.

You may find ‘Come Away to a Lonely Place’ from Under Southern Stars helpful to reflect on today.

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