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The Master is here

The title is taken from today's Gospel passage, John 11:1-45, the raising of Lazarus.

It is the first part of a sentence uttered by Martha to her sister, Mary.

Martha says, 'the Master is here and wants to see you.' The passage goes on, 'hearing this Mary got up quickly and went to him. These verses particularly struck me.

It is not difficult to make the leap to our own relationship in prayer with Christ. He desires to see us too inviting us to be with him. Are we willing to respond by going to him quickly as Mary did?

Martha and Mary had just lost their brother Lazarus and were grieving. He takes time to engage with them both individually and is deeply moved. Christ knows the various situations we are dealing with and we can be assured that he is not distant or disinterested in us.

He sighs, he weeps, he loves. We can go to him, be up front, tell him how it is and even throw ourselves at his feet.

You may like to listen to 'Silence of your love' from 'Awesome God.'

Blessings on your week and these remaining days of Lent.

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