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Treasure in a Field

The title of today's sharing is taken from our Gospel for today from Matthew 13:44-46, 'The Kingdom of heaven is like treasure hidden in a field........

Many of you will know that I have a song called 'Treasure in a field,' which is track 8 on 'Awesome God'. Many people down the years have loved this song especially young people. The words are below for you to follow.

Treasure in a field

Accept yourself

Don’t have to prove anything

Just be yourself

You make the world a special place to be

And I hope you have the faith to see

That you’ve no need to travel far

For treasure in a field

Accept your past

The years have formed you

And life awaits the gift

The gift that you can give is yours alone

And in your way you’ve clearly shown

That you’ve no need to travel far

For treasure in a field

And even though it’s true your life’s been hard

And few have understood the pain inside

It doesn’t mean to say you have to run

And hide

The stage is set

The light is cast upon you

And don’t forget

Your friends are here to help you through the scene

And once begun you’ll begin to dream

Cause you’ve no need to travel far

For treasure in a field

The time will come

When someone else who in need

Will turn and run

Afraid to face what lies ahead for them

And you will turn and stand with them

For you’ll have found your strength within

Your treasure in a field

Of course the treasure in a field in the Gospel parable is an image of the Kingdom. Jesus reveals to us how precious it is. It's the only thing that has true value and worth giving our all for. He is the one who reveals the treasure to us through his words and actions of love and mercy. He points it out to us because he has the eyes to recognize it. He has given us the gift to recognize the signs too and in that recognition be present, be grateful and treasure our experience and what we witness and contribute to bringing it about. Ultimately, it is an encounter with him.

I recognized the gift and treasure of a group of young people struggling to find their sense of belonging and place in the world many years ago now which inspired today's song. I had a sense of Christ gazing at them and loving them. Our experience together supporting, encouraging and accepting one another was like the 'someone' who discovered the treasure in a field in today's parable.

Next week I am heading for Rome to be part of a Marist formation workshop. The members of our congregation involved with forming future Marists and priests from around the world will be sharing our experiences and receiving input from teachers on the subject of formation. Please keep us and those who are discerning a vocation with us in your prayers. This will be my last sharing for awhile until I return home.

Blessings on your week and the weeks ahead. Ciao!

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