Why can't we talk it over?

A question like this relates to everyday situations where tensions may arise to arrive at some kind of resolution and peaceful outcome. However, it could sound slightly mundane when it comes to world leaders and their negotiations. But in a way diplomacy is about talking things over, keeping the lines of communication open rather than resorting to the catastrophe of all out war to achieve ones goals. And dubious goals at that. It's what reasonable people do.

Fr James Lyons of Wellington from time to time sends me poems he writes responding to local and international situations and suggests that maybe a song could emerge. The latest one he sent me was entitled, 'Why can't you talk it over?

Here are his words. Thank you, James.


A scuffle on the playground because of something said

A beer spilled at the party and you could end up dead

Such little things explode and grow

And reason is the loser

Is this the way it has to be?

Why can’t you talk it over?

When fun and games turn nasty, fists come into play

When pride gets bruised, nothing sane can save the day

Anger mounts with bitterness

All-out war gets closer

Can there be no turning back?

Why can’t you talk it over?

Why can’t you talk it over?

Seek a path to peace

Let words give life to healing

That harm and hurt might cease

War is such a waste of time and a waste of our resources

But more it’s such a waste of life with so much needless slaughter

Does anger have to turn to hate

Stripping love from one another

When differences get in your way

Why can’t you talk it over?

Why can’t you talk it over?

Seek a path to peace

Let words give life to healing

That harm and hurt might cease

JBLyons 4 March 2022

A song did emerge and I have roughly recorded it on my phone and share it with you.

Why can't we talk it over? Click on the link below to watch the video.


'Our Gospel passage today is taken from Luke 13:1-9 and has a man who owned a vineyard talking things over with the man who looked after the vineyard. The owner wanted the barren fig tree on the property to be pulled out of the ground but the gardener convinced him to persevere with the tree for one more year. Thank goodness that conversation happened. This parable is reassuring for us as we continue our Lenten journey. Jesus will not give up on us. The invitation is not to give up on ourselves or on other people.

Talking things over may seem futile and painful sometimes but it is worth persevering to achieve a fruitful and constructive outcome rather than a destructive one.

Blessings on your week.

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