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You help me to reach out to you

The song I have chosen for you this Sunday makes a connection I believe with our Sunday's Gospel from Mark 4:35-41 'The calming of the storm'. When we find ourselves confronted with the storms of life to be prepared to wake up Jesus as the disciples did and cry out 'Master, do you not care?' They reached out to him in desperation because they were afraid. Jesus of course does care and calmed the storm but there is something carthatic in letting him know how we truly feel when it appears he is asleep or seemingly absent.

The song 'Help me to Believe' which you can listen to by clicking on 'Commissioned Songs' here

was recorded some years ago and appeared on a joint album entitled 'Reason to Believe' with Christchurch singer Janice Bateman. I hope you find the lyrics helpful.

Help me to Believe

You help me to keep going when keep going makes no sense

You help to keep loving when the loving is all spent

You help make the sacrifice when all seems hard to be bear

You help to believe in you

You help me sit in silence when my thoughts keep racing on

You help me find the peace of mind when the peace I had is gone

You help me trust a power stronger than these hands of mine

You help to believe in you

I want to feel the sunshine warm upon my skin

I want to see the buds of spring burst into life

Help me find the freedom to step outside the door

And live again a life worth dying for

You help me to be patient when my patience’s wearing thin

You help me with the strength to face the battles I can win

And to know the simple difference when to let things go

You help to depend on you

You help me to be guarded from the things that drag me down

And even in my darkest times I know you’re still around

And when you see me sinking beneath the shifting waves

You help me to reach out to you

I want to trust in you no matter what may come

And to feel your heart like the rhythm of the drum

Hear it calling me passed the limits of my room

Into the light of day out into the sun

You help me to keep going, to keep loving, to keep trusting

You help to believe in you

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