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If anyone gives so much as a cup of water.....

I experienced first hand the hospitality and welcome from someone not a Christian offering me a cool drink some years ago. I was in Thailand visiting a poor Burmese family with a Marist working with a number of migrant families with multiple issues. I was certainly touched and grateful for their simple gesture of kindness and I composed a song inspired by their action.

The experience came to mind when I read today's Gospel from Matthew 10:37-42.

'If anyone gives so much as a cup of water to one of these little ones because he is a disciple, then I tell you solemnly, he will most certainly not lose his reward.'

In a sense we all all little ones in the sight of God when we stand humbly before God as we are stripped of any pretention. I have no idea how the family are now or even if the man who gave me a drink is still alive. His health was compromised at the time. But I know Christ saw him and will remember him for his kindness to me.

Blessings on all your acts of kindness and generosity to family, friends and especially strangers in need.

You may like to listen to 'There's a lot of love here' track 14 from the album, 'Like a beautiful day'

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